iDevices could fall foul of new French ‘culture tax’

According to Reuters, Apple iDevices, along with Android tablets and similar devices could soon come under the weight of a new culture tax in France.

Seeking to fund cultural projects amidst the European financial crisis, former Canal Plus CEO Pierre Lescure has alluded to the plans, citing that consumers spend much more money on hardware than on content.

He proposes a 1% on the sale of all internet-compatible devices, a policy that would bring in an estimated 86 million euros per year, which would be spent on French cultural industries such as music and film, and industry cherished and protected by French politicians and its regular population alike.

The proposals have been criticised by some, who argue that it portrays France as an anti-business nation, however under the strain of economic crisis, France’s proposed culture tax could very soon become a reality.


Via: Apple Insider

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