How many apps do iOS users download?

Yesterday, Apple blazed through its 50 billion download mark on its iOS App Store, whilst Google announced 48 billion downloads on the same day.

Benedict Evans has posted an interesting article examining Apple and Android’s app download figures in order to determine the average app download figure per iOS user, a figure that I don’t believe has really been considered before.

To arrive at this figure, Evans, through some nifty mathematics, calculated that Android Downloads in Q1 2013 were around 9.75 billion, whilst iOS app downloads stood at 5 bn. If we combine these figures with unit sales and the overall iOS user base between March and December, which averages out at 385 million for the same quarter, Evans estimates that there were 13 iOS App Store downloads per live iOS device in the March 2013.

Evans’ estimates for Android’s number of downloads per device, based on the same model, offers a figure of 15, however Evans states that the imprecision of the model could mean that both figures are actually the same. Certainly, his estimates for iOS are much more reliable because of Apple’s well documented figures.

As an aside, please note that Evans, and in fact myself are scholars of history, so if you find a discrepancy in any of the figures, please don’t hesitate to offer your own interpretation, in the comments below, or on Twitter @TiP_Stephen

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