Hipstamatic launches Oggl, a new social network for filter-happy photographers

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Hipstamatic, the makers of the popular photograph editing app with the same name, today announced a brand new service and standalone iOS app called Oggl. The idea being that it helps to connect the 4 million users already adding filters to their photographs using its retro-styled iPhone app.

Since Hipstamatic launched it has amassed more than 2 billion photos, with 60 million being snapped each month. And, while it’s not really anything in comparison to the widespread use of Instagram, it does have a large group of loyal users who – apparently – all want to reach out to each other.

The big difference however, is that Hipstamatic has done a lot of research and really cares about which filters and effects are available. As noted by TNW:

The company has teamed up with renowned photographers like David Loftus to come up with filters meant to simply not glamorize the photo, but in fact to actually make photos look good in certain lighting and situations. Situations that Oggl has accounted for include landscapes, portraits, nightlife, food, and sunsets.

The social element allows Oggl users to share their best pictures with other users, and have them critique and get some feedback on them. Essentially, it is to Instagram what Vimeo is YouTube. One is for the masses, the other is for people who really care about creating really great content.

Oggl is available for free today, and works with iOS 6.0. However, unlike other photography apps, to get access to the company’s big library full of filters and “lenses”, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $0.99. And, although the app has launched, you shouldn’t expect to get on using it straight away. You need to put your name down to be invited to get put on the waiting list.

Via: TheNextWeb

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