Hidden tethering feature found within iPhone coloring app

Every now and then an app lands on the App Store that hides a feature Apple wouldn’t be too happy about if it knew it was there. So, trust me when I say this, the app will not be on the App Store for long. But, at time of typing the app which shall not be named contains a secret feature which allows users to tether the iPhones to a computer or other device, without the carrier knowing.

The app is available on the App Store for $0.99. Either click that link or search for “foolishsleuth” to find it. Once downloaded, you follow the instructions in the low resolution video below.

Obviously, the app couldn’t get on the App Store without a genuine, legal function, so if you want you can use it to draw some random images or graffiti. Or something.

If the link doesn’t work when you hit it, or you can’t find it searching for the developer’s name, it’s more than likely been pulled by Apple. I give it 24 hours.

Via: AppAdvice

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  • guest

    is this only for mac’s?

  • artierbruno

    Can you tether to iPad

  • illerJ

    IS this even relevant when carriers are not allow to charge for this feature anymore as it is a feature of the phone itself.  it just uses you stawndard data package now

  • Tom73

    As of this a.m. It is gone.

  • keg

    @illerJ – very relevant. I actually issued a complaint to the FCC as Verizon still wants to charge 30/month to tether… No additional capacity, just to use a function built into the phone.