Helios Handlebars offer iPhone-Controllled Lights And GPS

A brand new set of bicycle handlebars has today launched, offering users LED lights and GPS which can be controlled by an iPhone app.

Named the Helios, the handlebars come in two designs, the first resembles standard road bike handlebars, whilst the second appears more suited to mountain biking. Both designs have rear facing LEDs at the end of the handlebars which can be used either as indicators or as a visual speedometer, changing color with your speed. They also feature a 500 lumens light on the front to act as your bike’s front safety light.

They also feature GPS units, which has a 15 hour battery life. Both the GPS and the LEDs can be controlled via an iPhone app. The GPS works through a SIM card, but can be loaded with any pre-pay sim.


Not only does an accessory like this make it much harder to steal bike lights, it could certainly prove to be a really cool and exciting feature for biking enthusiasts looking to make more of their cycling experience through technology.


Via: Cult of Mac

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