GTA 3 for iOS gets iPhone 5 support and iCloud compatibility

GTA 3 has today been updated for iOS, bringing iPhone 5 widescreen support and iCloud saving.

Version 1.30 will now no longer run letterboxed on the iPhone 5, now making use of all 1136×640 pixels. Personally, I think that GTA 3 is actually a much better experience on the iPad, however now you can play GTA 3 universally across iOS, be it on the iPhone, the iPad or an iPod touch, and pick up where you left off regardless of device through the new iCloud saving feature. If you  prefer to play GTA on the iPad like me, but from time to time indulge in your own world of unchecked criminality, death-defying stunts and all-round awesomeness on the smaller display, then you can pick up your game right where you left off.


The new update features the usual stability and bug fixes, and one other awesome feature, custom playlists. Now you can listen to your own custom playlist directly through GTA 3’s in-game radio system. All you need to do is create an iTunes playlist named “GTA3”, and you can select that playlist as a radio station as you play.

GTA 3 on iOS was released on the 10 year anniversary of the GTA’s smash hit console version, and is available universally on iOS for $4.99 now! App Store


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