Google Glass Prototyping revealed [Video]

Whilst we are most certainly an iOS orientated blog, it would be rude, and downright ignorant to ignore the phenomenal impact that Google Glass is going to have on the mobile technology market.

That being said, yesterday, Google revealed a fantastic video documenting the prototyping process of Google Glass. The talk was given in a technical session aside from yesterday’s main keynote speech. In it, Project Glass Staff Hardware Engineer Jean Wang takes us through the process that Google has endured in order to arrive at its final product.

Google Glass prototypes

As you can see, Google Glass began as a smartphone bolted to the side of someone’s head. To think that Google Glass has evolved into the product in the bottom right of the picture, is absolutely phenomenal.

As I said before, whilst many of you may not be looking to purchase Google Glass, it is impossible to ignore the significance of this product in the wider world of technology. To listen to the brief talk for yourself, check out the video below. The video is 6 hours long, so skip to 6:13:30 for the Google Glass talk. Some playback issues may be rectified by changing the resolution of the video.

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Via: Redmond Pie


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  • I look forward to the arrival on the market of these glasses, I think it will make to our generation and if it happened to Apple with its first smartphone.