Foxconn allegedly preparing for rumored Apple TV: contemplates life beyond Apple

Two very conflicting reports from Foxconn have emerged today.

The first claims that, based upon rumors of the unannounced Apple TV, Foxconn is preparing itself to manufacture, potentially, an Apple TV. A story in the Times this week reported Foxconn was attempting to vertically integrate television manufacturing, a potential sign of preparation for an Apple TV.

Apple TV rumors have become less frequent of late, probably due to the mindless nonsense that most analysts keep spewing forth in relation to its development, despite this however, it would seem that Foxconn still seems at least partially conscious of such a product.


However, Foxconn recently bought a stake in panel maker Sharp, with the intent to begin designing and manufacturing its own television sets. Foxconn’s revenue fell 19.2 percent year over year this quarter, with most pointing to waning demand for the iPhone and iPad as the major factor. It would seem that Foxconn is perhaps looking to reduce its dependence on Apple, and perhaps even manufacture its own products. Indeed, the rumors of vertical television manufacturing seems much more likely related to Foxconn’s own ventures, rather than an Apple TV.

Foxconn and Apple have endured strained relations recently, and perhaps the long-standing venture may be set to fade away.


Via: Apple Insider


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