Evernote now reminds users to update notes

A new update for the web, iOS and Mac versions of Evernote now allows users to set reminders prompting users to update or create notes.

The new reminders section is always display at the top of the app (Mac), and there’s a different reminder section for each notebook. These can be organized by date, completed and upcoming taps.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

To add reminders, you simply select the alarm clock icon, adding a date and time by which a note must be completed. Mac notifications are delivered via the Notifcation Center, as is most likely the case with the iOS app. There’s also the option to receive┬áreminders via email too.

The new feature will make Evernote much more effective for project planning and data tracking. Evernote is still a free service, but remains capped at 60MB of data each month. For a 1GB cap and faster uploads, you can get Evernote Premium for $45 a year.

Evernote is available for iOS, complete with updates now! App Store

Via: Macworld