Apple’s new San Francisco store criticized for design

San Francisco Fountain

Apple is a company that is known for its beautiful design. Its all metal and glass devices have been praised over and over for their simplicity and beautiful desings, but for once, Apple is having issues getting a design approved.

Last week, it was announced that Apple was planning on building a new flagship store in the San Francisco Bay area in California. The plan was to move its main store to Union Square in the Bay area and would also include a much larger store. However, locals are not happy with Apple’s plans for the new store. The building, designed by Foster + Partners, aka the company that designed Apple’s “spaceship” headquarters, has been criticized heavily recently due to its removal of an iconic fountain, the Ruth Asawa fountain, which includes an old stylized map of the city. The fountain is a popular and important landmark in San Francisco, and Apple’s proposed designs for the new store do not include the fountain in the designs.

Although many believe that the fountain should not be removed, and could not be at home in another location in the city, it is predicted that the store will continue as planned, as the city’s planners seemed enthusiastic about the design.

What do you think about Apple possibly removing a San Francisco icon for its new store? Let us know in the comments.

Source: AppleInsider

  • manishrana50

    I live there and I have never heard about that fountain. Stop whining.

  • topscientist

    Christ, Union Square isn’t in “the Bay Area.” It’s in San Francisco.

  • hmmm

    Rush Asawa is world-renowned major artist, whose work is displayed in revered museums. The fountain is a major work of art and can’t be just tossed away.

  • topscientist

    And before some genius “corrects” me by pointing out that SF is in the Bay Area, it’s also in California, the U.S. and the northern hemisphere. But you don’t write an article saying it’s on planet earth when you can be more specific.