Apple TV/iPanel concept designed, centered around intuitive iPad control UI [video]

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 16.56.43

Remember back when we couldn’t move online without mention of the long-rumored Apple “iTV” Set? Seems a long time ago now, but thankfully, to save us from the barrage of iPhone and iOS 7 concepts circling the web, one designer came up with an idea for the as-yet mythical HDTV by our favorite fruit company.

British designer, Sam Beckett has come up with his own concept in a very Apple-y style. From music through white background and Apple-esque phrases like “revolutionize” and “entirely new” the concept TV ad is just right, and features mostly how the TV would utilize your iPad/iPad mini to control it. While the TV features here and there as a huge mirror image of what’s on your iPad, the idea behind it is to do away with the remote control and utilize your tablet in a new way.

Check it out below, and if you like his idea, be sure to follow him on twitter and tell him how great it is: @samjohnbeck.  Or, if you want to find a more in depth explanation as to how it would possibly work, head on over to his original post on TheVerge‘s forums.

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