Apple patents audio splitter technology

A patent released today has revealed an Apple patent focused on an intelligent audio splitter, which would allow two users to enjoy different volume levels during playback from a single device.

The patent, entitled “adapter for connecting accessories to an electronic device” allows users to customize their own audio levels whilst sharing an audio jack. The adapter, which is essentially a splitter, can be connected to either the headphone socket or a devices dock connector, it would then split the signal into 2 further audio slots, allowing multiple output devices, such as headphones to be attached, its users equipped to control their volume independently.

Apple patent audio splitter

The feature also encompasses microphones, which would potentially allow two users, both wearing headphones, to communicate with each other, a feature that could be useful during gaming.

If this patent ever comes to fruition in iOS devices, then I’m certain that it would really make a positive impact on the way users enjoy music and gaming in a more social environment.

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Via: iDownloadBlog


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