Apple partner, Foxconn looking to build iPhone-compatible accessories


Hon Hai Precision Industry (better known as Foxconn) is a company synonymous with Apple. The Taiwanese business’ income comes mostly from building iPhones, iPads and anything else beginning with a lower case ‘i’. But, with Apple’s revenue growth slowing down a little, it’s been reported that the company could seek to create its own line of accessories for iDevices and even develop software to help keep growth accelerating.

These accessories are said to include anything from headphones and keyboards through to cables, all compatible with the iPhone and iPad. If true, it would make perfect sense for the manufacturing giant. With immediate access to all Apple’s devices, it wouldn’t take much time to come up with perfectly compatible accessories which look and feel like they belong with an iDevice.

WSJ reports that an anonymous Foxconn exec stated:

As our production capacity has grown to such a large scale and existing major brand customers offer limited order growth, we need to actively expand our client base to help increase our manufacturing volume.

What’s perhaps even more intriguing is that the company is also looking seriously at the software market. It must be pointed out, it’s not looking to create its own smartphone operating system. Instead, it’s looking to create programs that’ll run on smartphones and tablets to bring Chinese TV content to users in the world’s most populous country.

Whether any of these plans amount to anything physical and real is yet to be seen.

Via: WSJ

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