Apple decreasing iPad mini display orders in Q2, as usual

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DigiTimes reports that Apple’s orders for AU Optronics’ display panels for the iPad mini are decreasing from around four million units in the first quarter to 2.5-2.8 million in Q2. Now, while many blogs may write this up with a sensationalist headline pretending that somehow Apple’s iPad mini is already showing signs that it’s no longer cool, or that the new iPad is surely on the way soon, we’ll deal with this slightly differently.

Reported by DigiTimes:

AUO’s drop in the second quarter will also come as overall shipments for the iPad mini are expected to drop around 20-30% on quarter to around 10 million units largely due to the time period traditionally being a slow purchasing period for consumers. The remaining seven million panels for the device are expected to come from LG Display, said the sources.

Firstly, AU Optronics is only one of many display panel suppliers to Apple. The company also makes use of Sharp and LG’s displays. But that’s not the main issue with reading to much in to it. Dropping orders from Q1-Q2 is completely normal for any company, especially if your product in question was released in Q4 of the year before. We’re almost six months in to the year, over half way through the iPad mini’s release cycle, so of course it’s going to become a little less popular over time.

Thirdly, the iPad mini 2 is going to come at some point this year (probably November). People will know that it’s no longer the newest device on the market, and that the second version will be coming at some point. I find it hard to think of any time in an Apple product release where the company would increase orders for parts after 6 months. Now, that would be news.

Via: DigiTimes


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