Apple chip supplier hints at features of future iPad

In an interview with CNET, Imagination Technologies VP Tony King-Smith has alluded to potential for a major update in the next iPad.

King-Smith refused to give away any specific details, but he did give away enough to wet our appetite for the next iPad.


First, King-Smith confirmed the Imagination graphics core in the iPad and iPhone, the PowerVR SGX544. He then alluded to what was next for Imagination. King-Smith went on to tell CNET about the PowerVR Series 6 “Rogue”, Smith claimed that it allowed users to do much more on a graphics processing unit than current chips. He claimed it was a fully optimized for GPU Compute and OpenCL, stating that Imagination’s mainstream cores were “intersecting with Xbox and PlayStation 3-class graphics”.

When asked what impact this would have on the iPad, he claimed that more GPU horsepower would make for “very-high” resolution graphics, and more shader horsepower would make for more sophisticated effects. He claimed this would improve image processing in photography, and improve environmental sensitivity.

Smith also reassured us that this technology would definitely work on the iPad Mini as well.

According to Smith, we can expect to see the Series 6 Rogue in the second half of this year, with some very strong platforms hopefully sporting the Series 5 in the near future.


Via: Cnet

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