Apple adds Galaxy S4 to California lawsuit

It has emerged today that Apple has decided to add the Samsung Galaxy S4 to its infringement case against Samsung, replacing another device on its list.

Frankly, this whole infringement case is getting ridiculous, in fact, it’s so substantial that the trial doesn’t even begin until spring of next year. By then, Judge Koh has ordered that parties have narrowed down their claims down to 5 patent claims each, and 10 accused products aside. To keep things simple, right now, both parties currently list all mobile devices sold by the opposing party.


This current battle is shaping up to be lawsuit of the century, and you can be certain that any new products released by either party will find itself on the list of the other, just as quickly as the Galaxy S4 has found itself at the top of Apple’s hit list.


Via: iDownloadBlog

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