App Store nears 50 billion downloads, Apple shows off “Top 25 All-Time” apps

50 billion dowloads countdown

Today could be your lucky day! Apple’s App Store is nearing 50 billion downloads, and as always with Apple, this means a giveaway is coming as well. The person who downloads the 50 billionth app will receive a $10,000 gift card to the App Store, and the next 50 customers will also be receiving a nice $500 gift card from Apple. The only thing required to enter the contest is to start downloading apps and hope you get lucky enough to be the 50 billionth download.

50 billion App Store Lists

In addition to this huge announcement, the company has added a “Top 25 All-Time” apps section on the app store that includes both top 25 free and paid apps. This app includes the most popular apps since the launch of the iPhone, and these probably account for a large portion of the 50 billion downloads.

These lists, as well as the giveaway, are very similar to when the App Store neared 25 billion downloads just last year. If you would like to enter the contest for the gift card, head on over to the App Store and start downloading apps! Be sure to let us know if you’re one of the 51 winners!

Source: Cult of Mac, MacStories

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