Analyst: iPad sales will decrease year-over-year for first time

iPad 5

For the first time ever, Apple may be looking at a year-over-year decline in iPad shipments when the Q2 numbers are released. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is claiming that the Cupertino company will have shipped less iPads this season due to the increase in Android tablet competition. He claims that from Q1 to Q2 of 2013, the iPad shipments will decrease around 20-25%, meaning that from the same time last year, shipments will decrease 10-15%.

In addition to Android tablet competition, fewer iPad mini shipments are also to blame for the fewer iPad shipments this quarter. While this decrease may not seem too big of a deal, it is also interesting that this would mark Apple’s first ever time that iPad sales have decreased year-over-year. Kuo also claims, however, that the decline is nothing to worry about. He predicts that next quarter, Apple will see a regular increase in shipments once again, due to the launch of a fifth-generation iPad.

While the shipments may have decreased this quarter, the iPad still reigns king of tablets. As evident by the Windows 8 ads covered yesterday, it is clear that companies still see Apple as the big player in the tablet market. This is just a minor setback for the company, and with a new “iPad 5” release on the horizon, expect the decrease in shipments to be short lived.

Source: AppleInsider

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  • KenPun

    Of course it will decrease yoy. There hasn’t been any new release in spring as in last year.

  • MooseMonkey

    I think KenPun nailed it. Also, this makes some rather broad assumptions about tablet market penetration and saturation.

  • jjjjmonkey

    But if I already have an IPad 4, why would I buy a new one?  Is my “old” one broken?