New aluminum AL13 bumper for iPhone now for sale

AL13 Bumper

Kickstarter has become the new home for up and coming accessory makers for smartphones. Whether it be cases, or a Pebble smartwatch, Kickstarter has been home to some great projects, and today one more became officially available for purchase.

The AL13 bumper is a lightweight aluminum bumper for the iPhone. The bumper costs $79.99, and all Kickstarter orders have already been shipped and delivered. While bumpers are known to have a significant impact on signal in the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, the maker of the case, designed by m, claims that the case will only cause – at the absolute most – a 10% drop in signal. In testing, many didn’t register a drop in signal at all. To pick up one for yourself, head on over to the official website for the bumper.

Would you ever consider buying a bumper for your iPhone? Are you concerned about the signal loss that comes with using a bumper? Let us know!

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  • Fatneck79

    If bumpers have a negative impact on signal strength, why did apple offer free bumpers to iPhone 4 customers to negate the “death grip” issue? I’ve had multiple bumpers on multiple iPhones, including the 5, and the signal strength has never been effected

  • JamesFanets

    @Fatneck79 The bumpers they’re referring to are metallic. Apple’s bumpers (and yours, I imagine) are rubber.

  • dtsellers

    I am a backer.  I received my Red iPhone 5 Bumper on time. I love the look, design, fit and finish.  Unfortunately the signal loss renders the bumper useless on my iPhone 5 (AT&T).  I am sitting right beside my wife who also has an iPhone 5 on AT&T.  She has 5 bars and is on LTE.  With the AL13 installed, I have 2 bars and I am on 4G.  I can remove the AL13 and my iPhone will go to 5 bars and jump back on LTE.  After re-installing the AL13, the bars go back down to 2 and the iPhone drops down to 4G.  I have performed this test in at least 5 different areas of town with virtually the same result.  As I said, I love the AL13, but I can’t use it due to signal loss.