Adobe shows off iPad-compatible stylus and ruler

heroAdobe earlier today announced that it will be entering the world of accessories, in the form of a stylus that is iPad compatible, and a digital “ruler” that, also, is iPad compatible. The devices use Bluetooth 4.0, so it will only be compatible with the newer line of devices. Both devices are “cloud enabled” and Internet connected, meaning that the settings for them, such as the “Project Mighty” stylus, are stored and controlled in the cloud. This means that no matter what tablet you are using the stylus with, as long as you are using your own stylus the settings will be the same for the stylus. “Project Napoleon”, or the digital ruler device, works similarly in terms of settings, etc, and can be used for more complex and intricate work on tablets. There’s no word on when we can expect to see these hit stores, but definitely keep an eye out.

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Via: AppAdvice, Adobe


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