24 Hour dispatch disappears from International online Apple Stores

Apple Store 24 hour

It appears that Apple has dropped 24 hour dispatch from a select number of its international online stores.

Previously, customers were able to select 24 hours dispatch for most of Apple’s products on international online stores, however now the fastest delivery option available is 1-2 business days. The reasons for the change remain unknown, and perhaps more confusingly, only affect a select group of stores. The UK, Canada and Ireland have all lost the 24 hour option, however most products in the U.S and France are still offering a 24 hour option.

If you’re planning to purchase an Apple product online in the immediate future then you may want to take this into account, so make sure you check out your products delivery options thoroughly to avoid¬†disappointment! If you know anything about these changes, or you notice any others, then be sure to leave a comment below, or contact me on Twitter @TiP_Stephen


Via: Apple Bitch 

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