2013 will be the year of multiple iPhone sizes and colors says former Apple ad chief, Segall


Ever since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has had two different screen sizes. The original 3.5″ display lasted 5 generations before the iPhone 5 came with its 16:9 4-inch Retina display. And yet, that hasn’t stopped Ken Segall (Apple’s former advertisement chief) from predicting 2013 will be a huge year for Apple as it expands the available sizes and colors of iPhone.

He basis his analysis on the time before the iPod popularity completely exploded.

“Back when the very first iPhone was about to launch, it was assumed by many inside Apple that iPhone would follow the path of iPod before it. The first year or two would be devoted to evolving and perfecting the device — and then the iPhone line would be expanded to address various types of customers.

iPod’s biggest years came after it had expanded into a family of products.

Given that history, and given the growing demand for certain variations on the theme, there’s a good chance that the next iPhone will actually be a family of iPhones.”

While Segall admits Apple would never go with a “cheap” iPhone, it would certainly seek to release a more budget-friendly version by using a lower resolution display, plastic casing and slower processor. He also believes that we will soon see a variety of colors in the iPhone family as Apple seeks to make the device much more personal again.

And on the whole debate of the iPhone not having a larger display?

“The fact is, a lot of people are responding positively to the larger screens offered by Samsung and others. Apple can either watch as its competitors peel away a significant chunk of its business, or it can make an Apple-quality product and give customers a choice of a different screen sizes within the iPhone ecosystem.”

Far be it from me to completely dismiss speculation like this. Until I saw concepts and leaks of the iPad mini, I was absolutely convinced that our beloved fruit company wouldn’t make a smaller tablet. I was wrong. And, while I’m unsure if Apple would go down the iPod family route with the iPhone, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Saying that, I’d be very surprised if we saw a Galaxy Note sized iPhone. But perhaps surprise would be a good thing. Apple hasn’t truly surprised me in a long time.

Source: Ken Segall
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  • BillThomas

    i cant see that happening from a manufacturing point of view…..if u have a phone with multiple sizes it will cost alot more money to produce…..think about lest say apple has 3 different phone one with a 5 inch display the low cost iPhone with the 4 inch display and for shits and giggles lets say there is an iPhone with a 4.5 inch display…..so now u will have to buy an outer frame for each one of them different size phones u will have to buy different multi color backs for each of those phones and then different internal parts for each one ect…..i guess for me it just makes more sense manufacturing wise and money wise to have one size phone….granted im sure the casing and the internal parts will be different for the low end iPhone but having it the same size as its big brother iPhone would still be a cost savings..

  • Teriyaki

    with IOS at it’s current home screen layout, I think it would look too messy if it was given a 5″ display.

  • pcts24