Yahoo! launching weather app and iPad version of mail app tomorrow


Yahoo, one of the largest search engines and email clients on the web, will apparently be launching a couple of new apps for iOS tomorrow. The first app will be a weather app for iOS. This is interesting as the built in weather app for iOS devices gathers data from Yahoo, but the company has still decided that a stand-alone app is the best way to serve consumers.

In addition to the weather app, the company is also launching Yahoo! Mail for the iPad. The current version of the mail app is available on iPhones and iPods, but not available for Apple’s tablet. The scaled up version of the app will allegedly become available tomorrow along with the new weather app.

Will any of you be downloading either of these apps? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • DrewPage

    I do see Yahoo! Mail in the App Store, for both iPad and iPhone, released today, but so far, no Yahoo Weather.  I’d be more interested in the latter, since I use my Apple address for email (I use my Yahoo address for text chat only).

  • DrewPage

    My bad, Yahoo Weather is in the app store now.  Looks pretty awesome too.  Trying it now.

  • PabloDaniel

    This Article is confusing, i thought the weather app would had been for both ipad and iphone, not just iphone, since it sais here “weather app for ios”

  • Claire Anderson

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