WWDC 2013 tickets sell out in record time, for the 5th consecutive year

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As you will undoubtedly have read, it took somewhere between 90 seconds and 3 mins for WWDC 2013 tickets to sell out. In a year where Apple is supposedly losing everyone’s interest (at least if you believe many opinon writers online) that’s not a bad turn out. With tickets costing around $1,600, they’re not at all cheap and the fact they were all gone in less than three mins shows that developers are still obsessed with creating programs for Mac and iOS.

Here’s a quick run down of the past 5 years:

2009 – Tickets sold out in 30 days
2010 – Tickets sold out in 8 days
2011 – Tickets sold out in 10 hours
2012 – Tickets sold out in 2 hours
2013 – Tickets sold out in 3 mins

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but, my logic would suggest that if a platform really was becoming a bore, or that it really was on its way out, tickets for a major event celebrating new OS features, and highlighting developments in said platform, would not sell out quicker than a Justin Bieber concert. Especially when the tickets cost $1.6k.

The truth is analysts and stock market folk will always doubt that Apple has what it takes while it’s not creating anything mind blowing. And the only reason for that is that our favorite fruit company has done it often. In fact, no other tech company has introduce or re-invented product categories in the same way. iPhone sales are on the up every year, iPad sales are booming, and people spend more time and money on apps in the App Store than on any other platform.

Apple’s not on its way out regardless of what anyone says.

Did you manage to get a ticket?


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