WSJ: Next iPhone production to begin this quarter, release in summer

nextiphone“The next iPhone” rumors are in full force now, folks. According to a report coming out of The Wall Street Journal, “the next iPhone” could quite possibly be coming this summer, with production beginning as early as this quarter. In line with previous updates, the “anonymous sources” indicated that the size and shape of the device appear to be about the same as the current generation iPhone 5. What else did these sources say? The same thing that has been said by many so far: a cheaper iPhone is also coming. For the timeframe on such a device, the sources claimed a launch in the “second half of 2013.” This “cheaper” iPhone is rumored to, as in previous reports, have a 4-inch screen and a different material casing. Generally, the WSJ has been accurate in terms of rumors, so don’t be surprised if this pans out. However, nothing is official.

What do you think? Hope to see the new iPhone soon? Think it is too soon for one? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: The Verge, WSJ

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  • AdrianAcevedo

    Bigger. We need bigger screen and same design! Please Apple. I love and prefer iOS over anything else. Better games and other apps. We just need more screen real estate.

  • Dwinbush2

    A cheaper iPhone would be a bad decision to make. Samsung makes cheaper Galaxy S3 and their is no need to copy cat off them. I don’t see a change in the screen or size until the iPhone 6. I would love to see different colors for the iPhone 5S, A7 chip, and 13MP camera. Improve Siri because she is not the smartest. Add a new feature that will benefit people.

  • GSTurn

    Needs a larger screen (larger than 4″) or its a NO GO.

  • TiP_Cam

    @AdrianAcevedo I’m with you. Having used a few larger-screened devices recently, I think there’s room for the iPhone to grow.

  • TiP_Cam

    @Dwinbush2 I agree re: display. I don’t think we’ll see a change in 2013. But, companies have been making “mini” versions of smart phones for years. Samsung was not the first, and Apple would not be copying them for doing so. HTC Desire S, One S, 8S etc. Sony’s Xperia series has always had smaller/cheaper versions, Lumia 820,800,620… the list goes on.

  • Dwinbush2

    @TiP_Cam Apple needs to remain the Bentley of phones. A cheaper iPhone wouldn’t benefit them because it forces people to have other options. It will be some features that the cheaper iPhone won’t have and it will be a waste of production.

  • Emiliaubhqtft