What feature does the iPhone need to be a world-beater again? [POLL]

iPhone 5 feature

Over the past few years there’s been an increasingly obvious trend in the smartphone market to build bigger, more powerful devices packed full of high spec components and parts. The latest Android handsets boast impressive quad-core processor, 1080p displays and batteries with more juice in them than James’ giant peach.

While I’m not one to be overly impressed by specs along, there is a tendency for tech enthusiasts to become rather obsessed with them. It’s easy to look at the 4-inch display on the iPhone 5, compare it to any other platform’s flagship model and deduct that it’s too small. You’ve all seen the latest and greatest device launches. From Samsung to Nokia and everything in between. “Bigger is better” apparently, as made clear by the ridiculously large Samsung Galaxy Mega lineup announced before the weekend. There are also those who say the OS is getting outdated, and that iOS has looked virtually the same since its first launch in 2007.

So, what do you think the iPhone needs to take on the biggest and best Android and Windows Phone devices on the market? Take part in our poll and let us know.


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  • seannnnnanigans

    iOS would need a software/UI transition similar to that of the Gingerbread-Ice Cream Sandwich evolution. If Jelly Bean somehow closely resembled Gingerbread today (which it obviously doesn’t), then it too would probably be considered stale by bigger number of people. Apple can keep making pretty phones with great cameras and decent to high-end hardware, but it’s their software that needs the enhancements the most.

  • nkathrein

    new user interface plus a bigger screen. 4 inches is just to small. Atleast 4.25 to 4.5 inches.

  • BillThomas

    Hell I’d be happy if they would just put shortcuts for like wifi, Bluetooth ect on the lock screen.

  • Nick

    Make no mistake, I love my iPhone 4.  But the UI needs a serious refresh.  It does get a bit stale.

  • eCut

    @nkathrein I agree with 4.5 (and I don’t think they should go any bigger than that) but you do realize the .25″ would hardly make a difference?

  • TiP_Cam

    @nkathrein I’m with you on this. I think we need something that excites us and everybody else again.

  • TiP_Cam

    I agree. I have no idea how I’d survive without my jailbreak. Although it’s unlikely, I hope we get more customization options in iOS 7.

  • JoshoGarrett

    I think three of those. Bigger screen, faster processor, and a UI refresh. But honestly I voted for UI refresh because it probably is the MOST important.

  • jabombardier

    I don’t find the UI interface on the iPhone not to be a bore and I see the enhancements compared to the first iPhone. That said, a cosmetically and featured enhanced iOS 7 will be what would put the iPhone back on top. I hope they do not go any bigger on the screen size because it will not make the phone any better. If they so have to make the screen size bigger then they should just go .1 inches wider and stop there. With an iPhone, a faster processor isn’t necessary at the moment because in real life use, the A6 chip keeps up with the more powerful quad core chips.

  • DrewPage

    I just don’t understand why people vote the way they do in this poll.  Perhaps they want the iPhone to turn into Android.  I personally like the way iOS works, and I don’t think Apple should change the fundamental way it works.  They can spruce it up and add conveniences, but that’s about it.

  • pseagraves

     I completely agree with you here

  • iBrowneye126

    UI refresh and 4.5 inch screen, that would be perfect!

  • Apel Pagi

    i only want a small tweak for iOS, taken from jailbreak tweaks, such as NCSetting, Auxio, and Zephyr, with the ability to turn it on & off.. for the screen size, personally 4″ is the best size for a phone. i dont want a phone that need my two hands to operate it.

  • Max

    For me to consider switching the next iPhone would need at least a 4.5″ screen, the ability to download and use files, and it would need to allow apps to control the phone/read the file system that way things like swype can be implemented, and apps for unzipping archives are usable.