Users reporting iMessage outage, is yours down too? [UPDATE: Apple confirms, and FaceTime’s down too!]

imessageAfter a few of my iMessages turning into texts, I decided to take to Twitter and search for “iMessage”. Sure enough, a slew of tweets were rolling in about iMessage not working for people. So far, Apple’s iCloud “System Status” page has yet to report anything being down, however that may change soon:

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 3.59.03 PMI would keep checking that page if yours isn’t working to see if Apple says anything about it being down. You can check Twitter yourself to see all the of the tweets: Twitter Search. Keep on the lookout for anymore news regarding this.


1. Apple has confirmed that iMessage is down for quite a few people.

2. FaceTime is down too, just for good measure.]

Is yours down? Where are you if it is? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.



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  • Boomshanka1

    Big Po

  • cseven4

    these phones and services cost too much to be down….fix this soon….please     Kearny, New Jersey                       JERSEYSTORNG

  • BajanHappyGirl

    Down in Barbados :-(

  • BajanHappyGirl

    Imessage Down in Barbados :-(

  • murraykati

    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • asdf

    Imessage Down in Boston

  • Emma_1983

    It’s down in Carnoustie in Scotland, has been for about half an hour.

  • Mark

    Out in North Carolina

  • Guillermo

    must be the DEA

  • kellyhillard18

    Detroit and Atlanta

  • Adam16

    Down in Detroit Michigan

  • RylieUribe

    Down in Wisconsin :(

  • TimmyTimmy25

    Not working in Clinton, MO

  • Jaycetify

    None of my friends in Seattle are capable of sending iMessage

  • Iain

    Down in Longforgan, Scotland

  • roar

    no worky in Seattle

  • up and down in Central California.

  • ItsEskahMusic

    uk london!  facetime and imessage, welcome to the club, mine is down too, so annoying

  • RichardWaddington

    Down in barnoldswick england

  • ColleenS

    down in Portland

  • Sam Cass

    imessage is down in the south of England, several of my friends have been experiencing an issue since around 11pm UK time

  • MADD

    Back up in New Mexico

  • Af

    down in Astoria, NY

  • DON12345

    not down cos im gangster

  • DON12345

    i is a gangster mine aint down

  • LauraKreitzer

    LisaMLangdale agreed

  • MatMorinto

    Down in Montreal

  • rahdieh

    LauraKreitzer LisaMLangdale is that what the eff is goingzon? wth, apple. wth.

  • LauraKreitzer

    LisaMLangdale call me now

  • LisaMLangdale

    LauraKreitzer um. Boss nearby. I’ll call in 8 min.

  • Joby

    Down in Midland Texas

  • Bobs

    It’s been down in Aberdeenshire, Scotland for about three hours now.

  • Chris B

    Down in Chicago for a few hours now. Annoying!!!!

  • steven_tsuji

    oliverdarcy Mine’s working again.

  • Aly1234

    iMessage down since 3p in New York WTF!!!!!!

  • nandocho

    Mine’s down here in San Francisco.

  • pusytits

    Down in Edmonton,Alberta

  • pusytits

    maybe if u speak proper english

  • wellheythere

    My iMessaging is finally working again!!! Mine has been down since 3 pm EST

  • LisaMLangdale

    rahdieh LauraKreitzer Right??? They’ve been cramping our communication style!

  • rahdieh

    LisaMLangdale LauraKreitzer blargh. no bueno.

  • Island Treasure

    Wednesday iMessage was down for almost 2 days…Roatán, The Bay Islands.

  • Byrdbrain

    iMessage down for me on Tuesday afternoon and now out again today in Raleigh, NC