U.S iPhone owners to outnumber Android owners by 2016

Research Firm Yankee Group has published figures suggesting that Apple iPhone owners in America will outnumber Android users by 2015.

Based on a 12 month survey of 16000 people, the Yankee Group argues that currently 50% of U.S. smartphone owners have Android phones, with 30% of smartphone users owning an iPhone. However, according to the survey, 42% of those surveyed would be buying an iPhone in the near future, with 42% planning to buy an Android Phone. Despite the split, further numbers show that 91% of iPhone users plan to stick to their device, with only 6% switching to Android. However 18% of Android users plan on buying an iPhone.

Eventually, the number of Apple iPhone users in the U.S. will overtake the number of Android users

Based on this data, Apple should have an extra 7% of the population by next year, and that by 2017, 42% of the US population will own an iPhone, in comparison to only 34% for Android.

Do you think these figures are realistic? What could change this outlook?


Via: Phone Arena

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  • TheScribe

    Got a figure that shows the trend before 2013? It’s pretty uncredited without one.

  • stanluca

    Dumb. It’ll be quicker than that. Remember iPhone is now available on T Mobile as well which wasn’t the case before. This should accelerate adaptation rate.

  • Christopher Flores

    This is absolutely absurd. iPhone users make up less than 1/3rd the number of Android users… This is an intended strategy on Apple’s part… They’re a closed-platform as opposed to Android which is open. This is why every phone/tablet/etc. Android OS is slightly different. They’re altered by the company releasing the product.