Twitter #Music users prefer Spotify to iTunes or Rdio

Twitter #musicSome interesting figures have shown up in the 24 hours following Twitter’s long-awaited launch of the Twitter #Music service. The service essentially acts as a music discovery network where you can see what’s popular, what’s up and coming and what the people you’re following on Twitter are listening to.

When listening back to music, the default option within the app is to use iTunes’ 90-second preview. You can also select to have Spotify or Rdio play full length tracks.

One day after its launch, it’s quite clear which services are the two favorites: Spotify and iTunes. Spotify is just edging out in front with 11,984 hits in the first 24 hours. iTunes saw 11,612 while Rdio only managed 3,457. The data comes from, who created the handy graph below:

musicAll in all, the app has seen almost a quarter of a million #NowPlaying tweets since launch, representing a more popular first day than Vine. That said, Vine isn’t available on the web as #Music is. Only time will tell if the first day was just early excitement surrounding a new product or if there’s a chance of it lasting long-term in the same way Twitter has.

Via: TheNextWeb

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  • PeterTheMooCow

    TiP_Cam I wish this app would play the full song from iTunes if you purchased it already, or have an option to purchase it from iTunes.