Try not to cringe as 10,000 iPhone 5s are used as dominoes [Video]

Watch that video above without cringing, and you are not a true tech fan. These people, however cool and amusing the video may be, used 10,000…yes, ten thousand…iPhone 5 devices as dominoes. There’s not really else that need be said about this video. Watch it if you wish, it is embedded above.

Here’s the catch, “Except for the first iPhone that is set off, every other phone you see is computer generated.. We modeled, animated and rendered the CG phone where the footage was first motion-tracked and the CG phone was composited over it.” So there you go, it’s mostly computer generated.

What do you think? Like the video? Wonder how long it took? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Redmond Pie

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  • davidj

    TiP_Cam Fake!

  • m4tt

    TiP_Cam Please tell me you said they were renders.

  • TiP_Cam

    davidj I know that.. ;-)

  • TiP_Cam

    m4tt Specifically, we said “computer generated”.

  • m4tt

    TiP_Cam Great, seeing some people say they were real.

  • daveyaeck

    Why would I cringe.  Isn’t that the best use for an iPhone these days!!! BAM!!

  • EricAG819

    You used 10,000 iPhones to create a domino effect. Can I have one?

  • TiP_Cam

    @EricAG819 They’re not real iPhones.