Top 5 Stories This Week: iPhone 6 concepts, iPhone 5S rumors, leaks and more…


Top 5 Stories

This week has been one which will live long in the memory of many Americans, particularly in Boston. With that in mind, it’s understandable that technology took a back seat for once. And quite rightly too. Our thoughts are with those affected by the horrific explosions.

Just in case you missed some of the interesting iOS stories this week, here’s a round up of our most popular stories this week. For a change I’ve lumped a few stories in to a couple of categories so that you get a little more variety. Most headlines are a link to the original article (except 1 and 3).

1. iPhone 6 concepts

We had two great iPhone 6 concepts show up this week, so instead of taking up two spots in the list, I’ve lumped them together. The first was a very stylish and modern take on the original iPhone design (I’m a fan). The second came yesterday and featured some very unlikely features like a wraparound display with virtual gesture controlled buttons. Links below:

2. Try not to cringe as 10,000 iPhone 5s are used as dominoes [Video]

Some clever graphic designers came up with this almost entirely computer generated video of 10,000 iPhones toppling over and knocking each other in to the ground. Some sites tried to pretend they were all real iPhones. We weren’t that cruel. Check it out.

3. Leaks

To get some variety in this list, I’m lumping all the leaked parts together. We had a couple. One was a rather suspicious looking rear shell from the rumored low-cost iPhone. The other was some more genuine looking components from inside the iPhone 5S. Links below:

iPhone 5S parts leaked showing camera and mystery component

4. iPhone 5S to boast 12-megapixel camera?

The latest rumor regarding the next generation iPhone is that it will – at last – see a bump in megapixels from 8MP to 12MP. While pixels matter very little once you get to that stage, it will be interesting to see if Apple can add more without losing quality of image.

5.iPhone sales are growing while Android sales are flatlining

The latest statistics show that while iPhone sales are still growing, Android has been on a flat-line for the past 12-18 months seeing very little growth. Even with flagship phones like the Galaxy S3 and Note II, it’s not enough to keep Google’s platform on the up. How long before the two companies are level-pegging?

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