Top 5 stories this week: Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 display test result, iPhone 6 concept plus more…

Top 5 stories

This week was all about quarterly financial results for Apple, but you wouldn’t know it looking at the top stories from the past seven days. The top 5 are made up of a couple of really great must-see concepts, a comparison between the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5’s display and a couple of rumors. As always, the headlines are the links to the original articles.

1.New iOS 7 concept redesigns stock iOS apps, Notification Center and makes Lock Screen more customizable

We love a good concept here at TiP, and this is one of the best ones to show up in recent months. The designer reinvented the Lock Screen and added a lot more functionality and design to Notification Center as well as tweaking some of the current default iOS apps.

2.Rumor: iPhone 5S release won’t happen this summer, fingerprint sensor issues blamed for “delay”

Apparently the iPhone 5S is delayed. I say apparently, because it’s essentially an analyst going back on a rumor that the next iPhone would come in June/July. We’ve always expected a September/October. Regardless, the fingerprint sensor is to blame. (Pinch of salt needed).

3.iPhone 5 LCD and Samsung Galaxy S4 OLED displays compared, awarded a tie by DisplayMate

Display testing experts DisplayMate have compared the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5’s displays to see which is best. Turns out, they’re both as good as each other, for different reasons.

4.iPhone 6 concept surfaces based on wraparound display patent

Another concept to digest. This one was based on an old iPhone patent showing a flexible wraparound display, inside a curved glass body.

5.Don’t expect NFC on an iPhone any time soon

Tim Cook said that NFC was very much in its “infancy”. Essentially saying that it won’t be on an iPhone soon.

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