Tim Cook apologises over China warranty saga

Following days of state-lead attacks against Apple in China, Tim Cook has personally apologised over the “lack of communication”, and promised to improve services in the country.

Apple will now offer a new phone exchange/parts replacement service for the iPhone 4 and 4S for one year after purchase, the terms of which are explained fully on Apple’s Chinese site.

iPhone 5 China


Warranty measures sparked unrest amongst Chinese media when it emerged that Apple was only replacing or reparing broken parts in China, whilst replacing devices elsewhere in the world…

It’s also offering more training and auditing of Apple’s Authorized Service Providers, the companies that carry out Apple’s repair work. There is also a new on-line feedback form which allows customers to highlight any service that doesn’t comply with the new policy.

The news comes as a mark of humility on Apple’s part, a company which is used to getting its way in the courtroom and on the high-street.


Via: Cnet

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