Rumor: Apple to debut “killer iOS app” at WWDC 2013


Since 2011, Apple has used WWDC predominantly to showcase new software and services for iOS and OS X devices. It’s expected the company will do the same this year, but we’re all waiting, and wishing that iOS 7 will get the refresh it desperately needs. According to one analyst, Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, Apple’s plans for the year include launching some new iCloud based services as well as a “killer iOS app”. If so, it stands to reason that they will be highlighted at the Keynote speech right at the start of WWDC 2013.

As to what these services, or this app is, remains unknown, but there are two likely candidates. Rumors of Apple launching a music streaming service (popularly dubbed “iRadio”) and transforming Passbook in to a mobile payment/wallet system have both emerged several times over the past 12-18 months. With Apple apparently edging nearer to finalizing negotiations with record labels over streaming rights, the former looks very likely. The latter is rumored to be involved in this “killer app”. Huberty stated that it would be “akin to Siri for the iPhone 4S ,” and “help drive iPhone 5S sales in lieu of a design overhaul.”  Akin as in, sharing the same importance as Siri had on the iPhone 4S, something to differentiate the 5S from the 5. Perhaps the rumored “iWallet” complete with NFC chip would just about convince people it was different?

Via: AppleInsider


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  • nkathrein

    I’m wondering why any of these features mentioned above would drive sales. Anyone on a 4s and newer should get the same features. The phone itself is likely not going to drive sales. Am I missing something?

  • GSTurn

    @nkathrein Because many new functions are available only on the newest model.  When Siri was introduced it was not offered on previous models.

  • nkathrein

    @GSTurn If I remember correctly Apple said that was just because the previous phones weren’t quick enough. I don’t think Apple could get away with that with the current iPhone 5.  Maybe a 4s but there would be outrange by the people that know better.

  • cackles

    @nkathrein  @GSTurn The 4 was more than capable of handling Siri, as was the iPad 2 and 3, which didn’t get it. if NFC is released, the 5 definitely won’t have it, as it doesn’t have the hardware chipset to utilize it, so a 5S would exclusively run it.