Rakesh Kumar is the man who bid over $500,000 for coffee with Tim Cook

Coffee Tim Cook

How much do you spend on a cup of coffee? Do you think Starbucks is absurd for charging $5 or more for a cup of joe? Well imagine spending over half a million dollars for coffee. That’s right, $500,000. You may recall, earlier today, the number rose over the half a million dollar mark, and for the first time, we finally know the identity of the current highest bidder. While it seems ridiculous to bid that much for coffee, Rakesh Kumar, founder of DrBluetooth, has bid $580 thousand in an auction to have coffee with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

DrBluetooth is a company that is currently working on a new Bluetooth headset that works based on gestures and encrypts voice through the device, which is called the Karma. Kumar wants the opportunity to meet with Mr. Cook in hopes of bringing attention to his company, and even get funding from one of the largest technology companies in the world, although he acknowledges that it is unlikely. “I don’t think Apple has invested in any company, but you never know.” The auction, which started at less than a tenth of Kumar’s bid at $50,000, is part of a series of auctions that include other items such as an opportunity to act in a film, and a tour of the Spacex Center in Los Angeles . All proceeds for the auctions are going toward funding the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. If you’re interested in checking out other auctions (or bidding on coffee with Tim Cook), head on over to the charity site.

Would you ever spend such a large amount on coffee with a celebrity? What would you talk about if you were given the opportunity of sitting down with Tim Cook? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

Source: CNET, charitybuzz

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