Pocket updates app, includes new share option

Pocket Send to Friend

Pocket is celebrating its official anniversary, meaning it has been one year since the company changed its name from Read It Later to its current moniker, Pocket. To celebrate this landmark, the company has added a new feature to its popular apps, which are currently on Android, iOS, Mac, Safari, and Chrome. The big new feature is called Send to Friend, and it allows users to more easily share stories, articles, and other sources with their friends, and makes sending notifications to other users much easier. The app also now includes a built in inbox to gather all items sent to you from your friends on Pocket.

To check out the app, be sure to jump on over to the App Store and grab the new update! Also, if you’ve already updated, what do you think about the new feature? Do you think it’s useful? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: Engadget, Pocket

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