Petition to end Verizon contracts gains attention


While T-Mobile is pushing its new “Un-carrier” plans that appeal to customers and make them happy, it appears as if Verizon is taking a much different approach. Just last week, Verizon confirmed that it was ending its early upgrade program. Today, an online petition calling for an end to Verizon’s contracts (and urging the carrier to take on a T-Mobile like plan) has gained lots of attention.

The petition, posted by Mike Beauchamp of Wichita, Kansas, has gathered over 60,000 signatures so far, and is still growing in popularity among Big Red customers. Below is an excerpt of the petition available online.

T-Mobile, just this year, revamped their plans and pricing models to eliminate contracts. Customers pay “full price” for the phone with a small down payment and then monthly installment payments thereafter. If you want to leave T-Mobile at any time, you’re free to go (of course you have to pay the phone off). This approach is less intimidating to customers and embraces our newer ways of thinking, as well as the speed at which the wireless industry (and related technology) is changing.

If you want the latest and greatest phone, great. If you break the one you’ve got and need a replacement, no problem. If you get a new job and your employer provides you a phone, you can cancel with no penalty. If you move to an area where T-Mobile doesn’t have coverage (or overseas, even), that’s not a problem either.

Under this model, you’re paying full MSRP for your device, so your carrier has no vested interest in making back that subsidy (discounted phone price they gave you up front) over the span of your contract. If anything, they’re even more incentivized to continue maintaining and improving the quality of their network to keep you as a customer, instead of relying on the fact that you’re tied into a multi-year contract which forces you to say.

Getting rid of carrier contracts is a win for customers. Verizon’s CEO, Lowell McAdam, has already expressed his willingness to do away with them if consumers speak loud enough about it.

For any of you who are Verizon subscribers, are you going to sign this petition? Would you prefer a model like T-Mobile’s “un-carrier” plans, or do you want to stick with the old fashion plans currently in place? Use the comments section below to let us know what you think!

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