Pangea Software games are free until tomorrow

pangeaEver wanted to try Enigmo, Enigmo 2, Cro-Mag Rally or any of the other iOS selections from Pangea Software? Now you can, because the iOS games are free. Above are only a few, and more are available on the App Store. Completely free. Right now. Why are you still reading? Shouldn’t you be downloading them? Here are the apps available for free:

  • Monkey Bongo
  • Billy Frontier
  • Jive Turkey Shoot
  • Cro-Mag Rally
  • Warheads
  • Enigmo
  • Enigmo 2
  • Enigmo Deluxe
  • Nucleus
  • Air Wings
  • Air Wings Intergalactic
  • Nanosaur 2
  • Bugdom 2
  • Otto Matic
  • Quarters!!
  • Antimatter

If you are interested you can head on over to Pangea’s iTunes page here (opens iTunes): Pangea Software, Inc. You better hurry though, as the games are only available for free until tomorrow morning.

What do you think? Going on a downloading spree? Already buy most of these? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iMore


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