Microsoft’s Samsung vs. Apple wedding advertisement is hilarious [video]

It’s clear that we’re entering a period where the phrase “two-horse race” has never been more true in the smartphone world. We have iOS vs. Android in the platform wars, and Samsung vs. Apple in the battle for top smartphone manufacturer. While competition is fantastic, what it breeds isn’t necessarily healthy. With strong support, comes strong close-minded fanaticism from both sides of the fence.

Microsoft’s latest “switch to Lumia” ad highlights the fanboy-ish arguments from Galaxy S and iPhone users, with the message “Don’t fight. Switch”. It’s a funny look at the tech fan’s tendency to defend his/her purchase decision, but, pretending as if Windows or Nokia don’t have their own crowd of “sheep” is somewhat deluded, don’t you think? Sure, that group is getting smaller, but the long standing fans are perhaps the most loyal and fanatical on the web. You only have to read a Nokia blog to realize that much.


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  • pld940

    I hate this ad. It’s not even funny. They make it seem like “iSheep” and “Fandroids” hate each other with a passion, but when it all comes down to it, most of us still have respect for each other.

  • But it’s the server who has Microsoft Phone.. Is that imply “low income” ???