Mac profits greater than entire PC industry

The latest figures show that Apple’s Mac line is generating more profit than the entire PC industry put together.

The figures, from Horace Dediu, show that Apple Mac generated almost $1.2 billion in Q4 of last year. In comparison, the 5 top PC vendors only managed to generate shy of $900 million, phenomenal figures. It was always thought that Apple would kill the PC with the iPad, however it looks like they’re doing it with their own line of computers.

mac profits

The huge figures are down to the operation margin of Apple’s Mac, which is around 19%, in comparison, its closest Windows competitor Dell, only has an operating margin of around 4%. Apple’s epic computers, along with their epic price tags are certainly generating Apple a whole lot of money. So much so, that it would actually be viable for Apple to cut prices of its Macs by up to 15%, allowing them to gain an even greater competitive edge over its Windows rivals.


Via: Slate

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