Low-cost iPhone’s plastic shell allegedly leaked, credibility questioned

iphone_low_cost_rear_shellWhen it comes to iPhone and iPad rumors, they make big press a lot of the time, especially when it’s a leaked part or an alleged accessory made specifically for the unreleased product. The latest to show up is a plastic iPhone shell, at least that’s what it claims to be. Tactus, the site which leaked the supposed iPad 5 cases a little while back has taken images of what it claims is the rear shell of the low-cost iPhone.

While many analysts, sources and even major online publications are all convinced we will see a budget iPhone model this year, I’m still unconvinced. Even if it does happen, I can guarantee that it won’t look as bad as the leaked rear shell above. It’s hideous, and looks cheap, something an Apple product rarely does. I’m not the only who’s dubious though, iDownloadBlog‘s Christian Zibreg also questions the validity of the leak. It seems it’s a site trying to gain some media attention by spreading ridiculous stories. The original post is full of guesses at the phone’s measurements, indicating he/she really doesn’t know that much about it.

The site also claims to “know” that the phone will be available in “Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow“, and that it will come on October 15th for $300 SIM-free. If the phone was to launch in October, I doubt even Apple would have a specific date slate yet. The company is prone to shifting target dates.

Personally, I won’t be going along with this. Manufacturers have a long history of leaking the wrong information in an attempt to gain publicity, and this seems a lot like that.

Would you be disappointed if Apple released an iPhone looking like that?

Via: iDB, MacRumors
Source: Tactus

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  • 5krApn3l

    TiP_Cam Fake…

  • DrewPage

    Its likely that this is a prototype shell that Apple used at some point in the development process.  However, it could be, and likely is, one that they discarded and decided not to use.  I agree with Cam that Apple would not release something this cheap looking.

  • King_leo2012

    TodaysiPhone I don’t think it looks that bad.

  • 12.Bryce

    I have seen worse. Reminds me of old generation Macbooks.