ITC ban filing from Samsung would only ban older iDevices

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If you’ve been following the Samsung vs. Apple saga that’s been going on for the past year or more, you’ve probably heard about the ban that Samsung is seeking through the U.S. International Trade Commission. Many Apple fans have been worried about the possibility of their favorite iDevice being banned for importing into the states. Fortunately for iFans that are looking to buy future Apple tech, Samsung has admitted that its proposed ITC ban will not affect current devices.

According to the filing through the ITC, Samsung is ultimately seeking to ban only two devices, the iPhone 4 and and iPad 2. Here is the excerpt from Samsung’s filing:

Based on Samsung’s understanding, the current configurations of the iPhone 4 (CDMA version), iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2 (CDMA version), iPad (third and fourth generations) and iPad mini contain [REDACTED]. Accordingly, unless these devices are altered to incorporate [REDACTED], they would not be subject to an exclusion order or cease and desist order. Similarly, future devices incorporating [REDACTED] would not be subject to an exclusion order or cease and desist order.

Although a ban isn’t likely to occur, it’s good to hear that the ban wouldn’t the most recent Apple devices. Do you think Samsung is making a smart move, or is it pointless to ban two older devices? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Source: AppleInsider

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  • MaeganBabcock

    Why bother?  Most people want the newest devices anyways.