Is the iPad hurting Mac sales?

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We’ve heard it before, “the future of computing is tablets.” Apple’s iPad is perhaps the most successful tablet ever, and it becomes more and more popular. However, with the growing popularity, it seems as if the iPad line may be hurting the sale of Macintosh computers.

According to IDC’s PC shipment predictions for Q1 of this year, Apple’s Mac sales decreased by 7.5%. The IDC claims that the reason for the decrease in Apple’s computer sales is due to the cannibalization form the increase in iPad sales. However, not all sources believe that the increase in tablet sales will hurt Mac sales drastically. According to Gartner’s PC predictions for Q1, Mac sales increased by 7.4%.

While it isn’t surprising that two different sources believe two different sales predictions, it is rare to see a nearly 15% swing between sources. Apple will announce its results from Q1 on April 23, so be sure to tune back here to keep updated on Apple’s sales numbers.

Source: CNET

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  • Kourage2

    Macs are too expensive and people are just going to buy iPads. It’s that simple. You can make your ipad a computer and take it with you on LTE which is just as fast as home Internet. Drop the prices Apple or you will lose production costs.

  • Toyotaisme

    They took the optical drive out. Big mistake.

  • Guest911

    @Toyotaisme Optical drive? What the hell is this – 2010? Bet you have a solid Windows2000 sitting at home with a bunch of floppy’s too.

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