iPhone sales are growing while Android sales are flatlining

iPhone.US.Sales.041813See that chart above? Take a moment to analyze the chart. Keep in mind, “other smart” means Android, as per Benedict Evans’ website that put this together. What do you notice about the dark magenta and the yellow-orange lines? They both are fairly straight, dipping at some points and growing at others but in a way that is very minimal and flat almost. However, the faded blue and the green are all over the place, showing strong growth at times, large dips at others, however from the beginning to the end of the chart, these two crossed above the yellow-orange line.

What’s this all mean though? Android’s growth is virtually non-existant, while iPhone sales continue to grow. Also, pay close attention to where the dips and growths are in the iPhone charts. New-iPhone season seems to have a big influence on those numbers:

Second, there’s near-zero seasonality in Android phone sales. People decide they want a phone and go out and buy whatever’s in the shop at the time that looks good. Launches of ‘hero’ Android phones appear to have no impact at all – they may take share from other Androids, but not from iPhone and they don’t increase overall sales. 

I find the analysis of this chart to be fascinating. It really shows how iPhone users will wait for the new device and then upgrade, while Android is more of a “anytime” platform. Something pointed out is how not even the flagship Android devices seem to have any huge effect on these charts.

What do you think? Which part of the chart are you? Are you surprised by these? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppleInsider, Benedict Evans


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  • dgmoodey

    Right, because everyone in the US uses Verizon and AT&T

  • nkathrein

    You have to realize that Apple only has a few different iPhones for sale. When the new one comes out all the prices drop on the existing iPhones so the 5 is $199, 4s = $100, and 4 free so this happens when the new one comes out. This is why the spike.  Android has new phones almost every other month so it going to be consistent.  There is not just 1 phone that drops the price of the other 2  phones like Apple has.  “Google’s Android platform held over half the U.S. smartphone market in January at 52.3% thanks to the success of popular devices made my Samsung and HTC, while iOS held 37.8% solely due to the iPhone, according to Comscore.   
    Google’s Android platform held over half the U.S. smartphone market in January at 52.3% thanks to the success of popular devices made my Samsung and HTC, while iOS held 37.8% solely due to the iPhone, according to Comscore.
    Notably, Android users download more apps than iOS users. Half of mobile app downloads took place on Android in Q1 2013, while 40% of mobile apps were downloaded on iOS. Again, Android’s lead in market share contributes to their success.” Quarter 1 of 2013.  Source =http://9to5mac.com/2013/04/17/iphone-ipad-leads-in-business-profitability-android-leads-in-smartphone-marketshare.
    Now many people even die hard Apple people are starting to feel iOS is getting Stale. No one says that about Android. Instead people recognize it’s getting better every year where many don’t see the change on iOS devices. I think the main reason is because Apple used all there resources in the last year or two on 2 products that don’t work well.  The 1st is maps and the 2nd is Siri.  Both of Goolge’s competing products are better and since when does a product stay in bata for almost 2 years.  Siri was launched Oct 4 2011 on the 4S.  Do you think it will be out of beta when iOS 7 launches? Just think if Apple didn’t waste all that time trying to kick Google off of iOS.  They could have innovated instead of making a few minor updates like and products that don’t work yet.  Apple has a beautiful Passbook app that is only partially done.  They could have made it so much better where your credit card and nfc could have been used at stores instead of the weird way you have to install all the apps of their partners that link into the passbook.  This will get better but Apple could have OWNED this market.  At this point Apple is in big trouble. They have the oldest OS now.  Everyone’s OS is newer and even though it still works great many advanced uses will grow tired with virtually no changes and Androids new features like Google now that once used is really a killer app.  I believe unless something changes Apples name for best smart phone is evaporating. Look at all the tech sites. Most sites will say the hardware from Apple is top notch but software is not any longer.  Now that the hardware is very close from many companies the software is what makes the difference. Google’s software is better than Apples and I’d bet Googles Android announcement coming in may will be have more impact than Apples since again has had their programmers fixing maps and changing the “Look” of it instead of adding thinks.

  • ImAndrewSmith

    @nkathrein your point doesn’t help your argument. iPhone’s have a huge % of market share for having only a few phones on the market at a time, while there are a million Android devices on the market at any given time, yet their market share is fairly low considering.
    And your iOS app download comments couldn’t be more wrong. Read before you comment.
    Android users do not download more apps. They have almost caught up, but once again that means absolutely nothing when the revenue from those downloads is less than half of what Apple receives.
    Androis users seem to be blind to common sense. Specs on a phone don’t matter when the user experience sucks/software is subpar (the “my phone has more ram/megapixels/screen realty than the iphone so it’s better” argument).