iPhone “rubber-banding” patent invalidated by USPTO


Steve Jobs famously promised to patent absolutely everything after losing a high-profile legal battle in the mid-noughties. Sure enough, Apple stuck to his word, and virtually everything you see from Apple, be it hardware or software has a patent applied for it. One of the most contentious was the “rubber-banding” patent which the company has used against Samsung in the ongoing battle between the two tech giants. Just in case you’re not sure exactly what that is, it’s essentially the springing back animation that happens when you reach the end of your contacts, a web page, email inbox etc. Sadly, for our favorite fruit company, the USPTO has denied that it can be held as a patent.

It’s not the first time Apple has had a patent request denied in recent times. The company lost its right to trademark the name “iPad mini” as the USPTO deemed that the mini part of the name merely represented its size in comparison to the larger, full-size iPad and can’t be considered a name in itself.

Via: CoM

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  • bwjensen

    I could Google or infer what USPTO stands for, but you should probably just say in the article.