iPhone 6 concept surfaces based on wraparound display patent

Following Apple’s wraparound display patent released earlier this month, T3 has created a 3D rendering of the iPhone 6 based on the patent, with some rather interesting results.


When I first viewed the video, I was initially skeptical, the video depicts Apple’s Home Screen taking up both sides of your iPhone’s display, which doesn’t look so great. Granted, this rendering isn’t as polished at as an Apple product, but the Home Screen rendering just seems wrong, it’s a hard criticism to put your finger on, but for me, it’s the weakest part of the rendering.


However, the rest of the design is actually very good. It depicts a 1615×1800 wraparound display, with AMOLED suggested at the favoured technology because that’s the technology the patent was based on. It also features a 2MP front-facing camera, although “front-facing” is something of a misnomer because both sides of this device are arguably “the front”.


The base of the device is essentially identical to the iPhone 5, with a Lightning connector and 2 speakers, however, there’s also NFC for contactless payments. The design really shines when viewing video, which looks tremendous. And there’s also an interesting concept where users can view a game on one face of the device, whilst operating controls displayed on the other side, sounds a little tricky, but when you think about it, it’s a very clever idea. Take a look at the video below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments! Would you like to see the iPhone 6 look like this?




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  • poooOnYourIThing

    Too bad Apple won’t make anything like this, ever. PS.. NFC? My phone’s had NFC for what, 2 years now? Welcome to Android’s past, Apple.

  • MarkusHudobnik

    @poooOnYourIThing And how often do you use this NFC? Apple doesn’t like to implement features until they are relevant

  • poooOnYourIThing

    @MarkusHudobnik sucker. Apple doesn’t let its punters have features until they have found a way to profit from them. Look into Apple’s efforts in capitolizing on mobile payments, possibly through iTunes etc. You will be able to make mobile payments on your iThing when Apple figures out how to take their cut and not a moment before. That corporation plays its customers like fools and makes them like it.

  • TheWADEisover

    adam_dayke that’s crazy

  • MarkusHudobnik

    @poooOnYourIThing Im not a huge fan of apple, but i do enjoy their products. I would switch to andriod, but they have their own set issues. I personally HATE the os. I can’t stand any of it. And yes, it has been established that apple will most likely make developers pay to use NFC in their apps when it does come in the next iPhone.

  • DrewPage

    Yeah, this would be very cool, and its a concept that I bet Apple could even make, but there is zero chance they could do it cheaply enough to sell it to the public at a price everyone could afford.  At least this decade.

  • LoveJesus

    @poooOnYourIThing immature clown

  • HmoNtujThao

    if apple decide like that, Samsung will sue apple real bad because Samsung already create it first.

  • TiP_Cam

    @poooOnYourIThing I repeat the question: how many times have you used NFC in the past two years?

  • TiP_Cam

    @HmoNtujThao Nope. Samsung did not invent the flexible display. It’s been around for a while, we just haven’t seen it used much in day-to-day use yet.

  • manishrana50

    @HmoNtujThao Don’t worry APPLE knows it better than you. And the patent is different.

  • manishrana50

    @DrewPage No, it won’t be that expensive.

  • manishrana50

    @poooOnYourIThing  @MarkusHudobnik You are an idiot. Name one company that doesn’t do that. They are not here to babysit you dumbass.

  • manishrana50

    @TiP_Cam  @poooOnYourIThing Android goats have been using NFC since 2000 (according to them). There whole life depends on that.

  • manishrana50

    @poooOnYourIThing Sorry for the confusion. I didn’t mean you, I meant that pooguy is an idiot

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

    sigh the creator is just a big dreamer. apple didnt patent it so they could use it they patened it for two reason; 1. cuz samsung already has something similar and they want to be able to start working on one if samsung implements theirs 
    but mostly 2: so they can sue if anyone tries to use it.
    apple has hundred of unused patents collecting dust for this reason already

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

    @TiP_Cam  @poooOnYourIThing i use it almost everyday. i work in the NYC and almost all the pharmacies have the readers not to mention a ton of other places

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

    @manishrana50  @poooOnYourIThing  @MarkusHudobnik umm google.

  • Laovercash

    @HmoNtujThao apple already has a patent on it. They may sue but it won’t hold water

  • kollinbaer

    TodaysiPhone “Granted, this rendering isn’t as polished as at an apple product”. Interesting grammar mistake.

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  • Aj4541

    My friend’s dad is a QC lawyer, and as such knows a lot of people. My friend was talking to one of these people, an apple employee (not in a store) the person let slip that there is a possibility that the next iphone could be called iPhone 4G? I doubt this is actually true, but I am just relaying information.

  • Aj4541

    @poooOnYourIThing question, if you hate apple, then what are you doing on an iPhone site?

  • blah6

    that would be pretty cool