iPhone 5S to feature world-beating “Rogue” GPU according to latest rumor

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As you know, we at TiP don’t like to post rumors mindlessly without assessing their credibility first. And, on surface value, this seems like a relatively likely upgrade despite the lack of any insider information confirming or denying it. The rumor suggests that Apple could switch to Imagination Technology’s Series 6 GPU cores for its iDevices. This processing powerhouses (aka Rogue) would ensure that the iPhone would render graphics better than any other smartphone on the planet and ensure that the battery performance remained as efficient as it is now.

Some details on the Rogue chip:

  • These chips support up to 8Kx8K display resolution.
  • The high-end core (G6630) offers six shader clusters alongside performance and power optimizations.
  • The new entry-level G6100 chips offers one shader cluster along with a pixel texturing unit.
  • Series6 GPU’s are fully compatible with Series5 and Series5XT GPUs, which should ensure a smooth migration path for developers upgrading apps.

Currently, the iPhone 5 uses IT’s Series 5 GPU with triple core design, known as the PowerVR SGX 543MP3. Incidentally, this is the same graphics processing technology used inside the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s not at all hard to see that the iPhone 5S would see an upgrade in the graphics processing unit to the next series which is allegedly going to be hitting the market by the third quarter of this year. The same time we’re expecting to see the iPhone 5S. Since we know that the flagship Samsung device will be hosting the Series 5 PowerVR SGX 543MP3, it’s not likely that anyone but Apple will make use of “Rogue”.

What’s perhaps more exciting is that Apple could technically use a similar processing unit in its next iPads, making a slimmer and more efficient iPad 5 a reality. Since the Rogue is a highly capable and battery friendly unit, it could also mean that an iPad mini 2 with Retina display is possible, without sacrificing its form factor and portability to fit in a bigger battery.

Source: ComputerWorld
Via: AppAdvice

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  • newovrhere

    s4 uses 544mp3 not 543mp3….not much difference in architecture except clock speed is doubled on s4 compared to ip5…i believe though s4 will deliver twice the power of ip5, since it uses old series5 powervr, next iphone/ipad will completely destroy s4’s gpu