iPhone 5S parts leaked showing camera and mystery component

Several internet pictures have surfaced today apparently depicting leaked iPhone 5S parts.

The images, taken from NoWhereElse.Fr, appear to show the iPhone 5S’ front-facing camera, as the part in question is identical to its equivalent iPhone 5 part.


The serial number, shown above, also matches the iPhone 5’s front-facing camera, however the flexible part of the component which connects it to the motherboard is very different from the current part however, suggesting certain changes to either the camera itself, or the motherboard.

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There’s also a picture of an unknown part (below), so feel free to speculate over its use/functionality.

qu'est-ce que c'est?

The increased traffic of leaked parts is fuelling rumors that Apple is going to release a new iPhone very soon, however, whether that device will be an upgrade from the iPhone 5, or a budget version of the smartphone are still relatively unclear.


Via: Apple Insider

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  • AndronikosZanti

    What about NFC.???

  • lean6rtj2

    Somebody at Apple had better figure out how to be aggressive, and how to eat some crow regarding all of the arrogant things that have been said to the effect of, “the iPhone 5 is perfection.” Timid alterations and spec bumps will no longer do. I’ve tried to like the iPhone 5 on three separate occasions/units after owning Galaxy S3’s and Galaxy Note 2 ‘s. Compared to those devices, the iPhone is just a feature phone and no longer smart. Apple seriously needs to figure this out on both the hardware and software side of the house.