iPad continues web traffic domination

Chitika iPad web data

For the last three years, Apple’s iPad has revolutionized the way we access data on the web. Due to the combination of a large touchscreen and portability, the iPad has grown into a wildly popular device. Apple dominated the market for a while, but with the release of numerous Android and Amazon tablets, many people have begun to believe that Apple’s domination may be slowing. According to Chitika’s new web traffic data, however, Apple is actually gaining ground.

Apple’s tablet now accounts for almost 82% of the tablet web traffic in the United States and Canada. This is actually an increase of about 1.5% over the previous month.With Apple recently expanding into the 7-inch tablet market, it has appealed to even more buyers, and Chitika believes that some of the growth has to do with the introduction of the sale of refurbished iPads, which began in March of this year.

Are you surprised that the iPad is so dominant in the tablet world, or did you expect Apple to dominate the market? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: AppleInsider

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