iPad 5 release yet again rumored to take place this month


In a somewhat short post over at BGR.com, writer Zach Epstein speculates that the iPad 5 release is going to happen this month (April). There’s little talk of sources, industry analysts, or “people in the know”. The only evidence for it is that apparently, well-known Apple bloggers are talking about it:

“A number of well-known Apple bloggers held a public discussion on social site Branch on Tuesday, and they covered a number of topics. Among them were Apple’s efforts to overhaul the user interface in iOS 7 and the company’s plans to unveil its next-generation iPad during a press conference this month.”

We can’t be sure whether it will or won’t happen this month, but we are pretty certain that the next 9.7″ Retina iPad will feature some key design influences of the iPad mini. We’re expecting a slimmer chassis, more powerful processing and thinner bezels. Apart from that, we don’t really know. And since Apple (post-Jobs) seems intent on not sticking to any predictable release cycles anymore, it could land at any time.

Via: BGR

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  • chrisoldroyd

    TiP_Cam hope so, fancy upgrading my 2

  • TiP_Cam

    chrisoldroyd I’m wanting to swap out my 3..

  • GiveHerTheD

    Didn’t they just updated with the 4th generation in october? You would think they would at least wait a year.